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    Tap the Grid
    A replacement for temporary portable generators

Tap the Grid

What is it?

Tap the Grid is a replacement for temporary portable generators. Generators are used on a daily basis for film and television production, special events (food, Audio/Video, heating/air conditioning), outdoor concerts, construction, and transportation (shore power).

Tap the Grid allows customers to remove the generator and power the activities directly from the electricity from the grid.

Customers arrive on scene, launch the Tap the Grid app and unlock one of the power terminals. After connecting to the receptacle using industry standardized plugs they shut the door, and tell the app to energize the system. Users are billed directly to their credit cards and are provided with detailed usage information.

Tap the Grid is a complete self-serve solution requiring no connect or disconnect support from an operator or LDC.

When a customer is done, they unplug, close the door and walk away.

Why is it important?

It is Easier to Tap the Grid. Instead of renting generators, paying for electricians to connect them, and worrying about reliability and re-fueling logistics you can easily Tap the Grid and pull from a continuous reliable stream of electricity.

It is Cheaper to Tap the Grid. Generators are expensive to rent and to run. After capital, fuel and labour costs, generators can cost two to three times more than Tapping the Grid for an electrical supply.

It is Greener to Tap the Grid. Ontario's electrical supply is very clean; by drawing power from it (rather than a generator) significant amounts of pollutants are avoided. Generators can consume more than 16 l/h of fuel while exhausting more than 40 kg of CO2/h per hour.

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